Package com.hrstc.fuzzy

External Ranking Function


Class Summary
FISGenerator Generats mfs for the functions with high mf count

Package com.hrstc.fuzzy Description

External Ranking Function

This module provides utilities that allow to use external ranking function for Lucene and to evaluate its performance for TREC. In this case, I used Fuzzy Logic Ranking Function, but any other function could be used instead.


Training Set Creation

In certain cases you need to create a training set for your function. I used various approaches to creation of Ranking Function, one of them was Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) which required training data.

execute SearchFiles odd
com.hrst.trec.FileConverter (creates training set)
Train your Ranking Function

Test Set Creation

SearchFiles even
com.hrstc.trec.ColumnExtractor (extracts data necessary for input to Ranking Function; in my case it was tf, idf, coord, boost)
Rank data with your ranking function
com.hrstc.trec.MatlabToTREC ( format output of your ranking function so that it could be evaluated for TREC )

Evaluation (TREC)


Neil O. Rouben